soi 6 in pattayaAsia After Dark, caught up with local businessman Bryan Flowers, and talked about the future of Soi 6 in Pattaya. The 34 year old from Coventry, England, moved to Thailand almost ten years ago. Since then he has built up an impressive portfolio of businesses here, mainly in Soi 6 in Pattaya. Bryan founded in 2005 and set up the Night Wish group of investors, which has 10 lady bars and counting in Pattaya. Hes also part owns Bite me bistro. Hes a family man and is dedicated to Muay Thai as well as learning to speak Thai. So with all the speculation about what is happening to the adult industry here in Pattaya, Bryan gave us his view on things since moving here.

In the last 4 years of being a stakeholder in Soi 6 in Pattaya, I have heard many crazy stories about the future of Soi 6. I’ve had people swear blind to me that the Russians own the land and the buildings.  I challenged them and said do you really think all our landlords would agree to sell and keep quiet?  He said that they are all in it together!  Such a load of rubbish.

Unlike Soi 7 and Soi 8, (and other areas of beer bars that have been knocked down) we at Soi 6 rent buildings with title deeds.  We get evidence of ownership from the landlord and a copy of their ID.  The only way someone can buy the buildings is by offering all of the landlords (50+ people)  money to buy them all out, the road is owned by city hall.  For every landlord to agree is near impossible, many landlords have these buildings for their children, they do not want to sell and if they do they want a silly price.

soi 6 in pattayaLets say that every landlord agreed to sell and break contracts with everyone on the Soi, the amount of money it would cost is crazy, there is still plenty of land for sale in that area,  empty land is far cheaper to buy and build on.  (I hear 30-40 million a Rai in Pattaya)  The more I explain everything, the more silly peoples ideas really seem.  Anyway,  who is going to pay that much and buy so much land?  Hotel or shopping centers. But most hotels are breaking even if they are lucky and some hotels have put expansion on hold,  a lot of them are in survival mode. Yes Pattaya is prospering and getting busier, but the city is probably expanding faster than the demand.  That leaves just the shopping centers that may want land,  but all the major names from Bangkok have already come down and set up in Pattaya, I cant see there being many more large shopping centers yet.

I have witnessed people lose land for public highways, I have heard of a few people losing houses by the government expanding roads, yes they get paid but not the real market price,  so yes people do get stiffed, but no need for a motorway or highway near the sea.

The only threat left is via police and the law.  Without getting myself in trouble,  the police benefit from having bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya, it also helps the local economy,  what they say annoys them the most is the robberies from lady-boys on Soi 6, These are the freelance dangerous types, easy to avoid if you stick to bars especially safe lady-boy bars like “so what” and “Pook Bar”.  They both have good responsible lease holders.  The law is the only threat,  but almost everything down there is legal,  the entertainment zone includes Soi 6, so we have proper licenses, unlike bars in Pratumnak or past 3rd road.  Our legal opening hours are complex,  because we seem to have 3 different times to go by.  I think 6 pm -12 is what our license says, Bangkok says 6 pm -1 am, Pattaya closing is 2 am or 3 am.  Its not easy but if you keep music down and turn outside lights off and respect the neighborhood, then you should get left alone!

soi 6 in pattayaRecently there has been a few illegal buildings knocked down along Soi 6 in Pattaya, but only one of them was a bar and that is now bigger and better on the opposite side.  The other ones were tattoo shop,  food etc. I don’t remember what the building was at the sea end of the Soi. Anyway, they all had no title deeds, so the people renting the spots knew there was a risk!  This has not affected any of the night life on Soi 6 at all and its probably improved it!  The tattoo shop had previously attracted a few undesirables. The gaps between the buildings is to prevent fire spreading,  this means people are safer and less risk of our property being damaged.

The worst thing that can happen to Soi 6, which has already happened a few times, is they could ban ST’s and we would have to use hotels on Soi 6,  the times they have done this, it hasn’t damaged our business, its just inconvenient to those married and don’t want to be seen walking down the road with a girl. For all the reasons above, I feel our 9 bars are safe! And the other 70-80 are very safe also.  On a final note,  we have very rich and powerful landlords, some Chinese Thai, some Indian etc.   The most powerful one I can confirm is the owner of big eye/bone.  Hes not gonna let someone push him off the Soi lol. If I had money, I would be buying Soi 6 units. I have seen very steady price increases.

So there you have it straight from the horses mouth so to speak. When it comes to knowing Soi 6 in Pattaya, Bryan knows it better than pretty much anyone else!



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