asia after darkAbout Us

Asia After Dark in association with Pattaya After Dark, has evolved over the last eighteen months, into becoming the most comprehensive and active entertainment website, and social media company in Pattaya. This was always the plan, as before reaching out to other parts of Thailand and beyond, we had to get it right. Over the last eighteen months we have secured a very strong social media presence, connecting thousands of people to businesses across Pattaya. In association with our social media platforms, we developed and grew our website following, so much so that as we enter 2017, we average over 1.5 million visitors EVERY month! We now operate a very successful Media E-Magazine which has more and more readers every month. We have plans to bring more visitors through our customers doors by going that extra mile and doing as much as we can to get our customers noticed, and to provide our visitors and followers the information they want!

Now having secured our status in Pattaya, Asia After Dark is reaching out to Bangkok during the first 6 months of 2017, and then on to Phuket and other populated areas of Thailand. Based on our already successful footprint, we will strive to maintain our high standards and excellent reputation for not only delivering what we say we will, on time, every time, but we will continue to exceed expectations. Too many times we find companies promising the world and delivering very little, apart from their invoices month after month. Asia After Dark is different, our committed and focused team of experts thrive on making customers smile. We have a firm vision and a detailed plan and we are taking huge steps in achieving our vision.

2017 will be an exciting year ahead for Asia After Dark, we will create more job opportunities for Thai people, we will increase our branding and outreach, and we will work towards achieving our vision. Compromising our standards to achieve our vision will not be permitted, instead we will meticulously work step by step along the way to reaching our goal!



Our Vision

To become Asia’s leading entertainment information source by 2020. To deliver fresh and new information in a timely fashion, keeping both customers and visitors in unison. Together we will make a difference and make Asia After Dark a part of everyday life!