downloadIf you own a business, no matter what you do as a business, one thing is certain, you will need customers. How you get those customers is another thing. There are many ways to get your name out there, TV, Newspaper, Radio to name a few, however, how do you know that really works? Let’s face it, they are not measurable or accountable, so you really are throwing money with your name on it, up in the air and hoping some of it gets picked up by a customer!

Be honest, you have a TV advert, OK, great, but in all honesty how many people can you guarantee ACTUALLY watch your advert, they maybe busy, maybe not in when your advert is played, or otherwise occupied, it may not even interest them, it really is a hit and miss scenario. It’s the same with Newspaper, so what if they produce 10,000 copies apparently, do you actually go out and count them, do you sit and watch how many ACTUALLY get picked up and read? Again, it’s just a numbers game and wishful thinking you get in front of 10-quotes-to-inspire-your-brand-strategy-8-638the right audience. Radio, well you can check exactly how many or in most cases how few people are online listening, so that speaks for itself. Likewise with FM productions, it’s like TV, you cannot quantify who is ACTUALLY listening and again if your advert even appeals to them! Now all that said and done, yes they have a place in media, of course they do, but to really get noticed you have to advertise with the big companies and that really doesn’t come cheap, and even then there are no REAL GUARANTEES!

Asia After Dark are firm believers in accountability, if you can provide actual data, rather than pie in the sky figures, at least you know what your advertising is actually doing! Everything Asia After Dark does has a number next to it, yes we make sure we produce you all the information you need at a glance! Fact not Fiction!



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