KINK Agogo Verified

Have you been to Kink Agogo in LK Metro?

Well if you haven’t then you really do need to pay this new venue a visit as they are seriously ticking all the boxes! Located near the Soi Diana entrance to LK Metro, Kink Agogo is located on the right hand side as you enter the Soi. This newly opened club has really made an impact. From the moment you enter you are greeted by a huge stage, packed with lots of sexy girls all ready to dance the night away. The club is actually on two floors, unique for LK Metro, with the downstairs aimed at the more traditional agogo style, whereas the upstairs has a much more “private” feel to it.

The club is large and spacious and seating is plentiful, so if you visit alone or you are with a group of friends, Kink Agogo can cater for your needs. The waitress staff are very friendly and will make sure you get your order promptly. No need to worry either, they will not be pushing you for drinks, instead they remain out the way, but always vigilant for when you need a nice cold top up.

Kink Agogo a great place and one to check out like we did here at Asia After Dark

The stage is large and has around 20-25 girls dancing at any one time. One of the nice aspects of the club is that on the hour, every hour, there is a very entertaining show put on by the girls. The stage above lowers down and you are entertained by eight or more girls who let’s say, are very friendly with each other. The show is very entertaining and one not to be missed.

As mentioned earlier there is an upstairs to Kink Agogo, and when you venture upstairs you are entering a whole new level of entertainment. Play mats, sunken floors and large cosy bean bags are just a few of the areas the girls will entertain you. The walls are smartly decorated with the Kink logo, it really is a smart concept. There are lots of designated seating areas, as well as seating around the play mat areas. The theme upstairs is vastly different from downstairs, you would need to pay a visit to see for yourself.

Kink Agogo really has established itself in a very short space of time as being one of those “must visit” agogo’s in LK Metro. There is no doubt that their reputation will continue to grow as they really are a breath of fresh air in this already busy Soi.

  • Address Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand, 20150