On early Wednesday morning at around 5.30 am Pattaya police received a report on a foreign male stabbing his Thai wife.

The incident happened at a Jomtien Condominium where on early Wednesday morning a Thai woman ran out of the condominium building bleeding from stab wounds with her seven year old son, the security guard,Damrong Atdee told police. He said that the woman ran out holding her shocked son’s hands shouting and pleading for help– the security guard quickly helped her on the back of his motorbike and rushed her to a local police booth near by on Soi Chaiyaphruek.

The woman who is unidentified had bleeding cuts in her head as well as stabbing wounds in chest and was quickly bought to a local hospital for treatment– there are no reports yet on her well being and how critical her injuries are. After the incident being reported police then went to the Pattaya Condotel in Jomtien and arrested Nicholas Hillman, 49, American. He was apprehended by police while sleeping on his bed. Police report shows that the man was clearly intoxicated with both alcohol and drugs– police found liquor bottles, a bag containing illegal drug, drug paraphernalia as well as six scattered knives in the room which most likely to the attack weapon that he used on his wife.

Police are still investigating on the incident and has bought Mr. Hillman in for questioning and was tested for drug use at the police station.