Yet again another maid has stolen something from a tourist hotel room. On Monday there was a report to the police by a Russian tourist, 37 year old Nikolay Lavanov who reported that money has been stolen from his room in the hotel he was staying at in Jomtien. Lavanov was glad to be pointing out the suspect as he found out that the culprit has been arrested and taken to the local police station.

Siriwimon Sriwilaisuk, 18 year old girl from Udon Thani claimed that she did not steal the cash but had thought that the money was a tip for her from the tourist who was staying there so she took it. The young maid claimed that it was not her intention to steal any money as the cash has been left at the table twice and thought that that was just a tip that the tourist was giving. Though it did sound genuine as she has never picked up money from the table before, however, what made her claim sound not trust worthy is because after she took the money she went straight to the exchange booth to exchange the money which was around 6,500 baht ($200) then head down to the the gold shop and brought herself a gold ring. Pattaya tourist police chief Lt-Col Piyapong Ensarn arrested here on later Monday and took her to the police station with a charge on theft.

This is not the first time a hotel maid has stolen goods including money, jewelry, credit cards etc. from tourist’s rooms. Just last month a maid was reported to have stolen more than enough to buy herself a car, get a new place to stay and kept some of the stolen jewelry for herself from an American tourist who was staying in hotel down on Pattaya beach road.