Bag slashing thief gang leader has now been arrested and brought into questioning at a Pattaya police station.

Somkhanae Yoohong, 23, has been brought in by police on a arrest warrant that has been issued by Pattaya Provincial for collusion in stealing and receiving stolen items as well as using an electronic card reader to steal from stolen credit cards and debit cards valuing up to several million baht.

Pol Col ApichaiĀ  Krobphet, superintendent of Pattaya police sent out an arrest warrant due to multiple complaints from both Thai and foreign tourist during the Wan Lai Pattaya festival that took place earlier on April 19th. According to reports the bag slashing gang took what ever valuable items they can get their hands on during the hectic festival including cash, mobile phones, credit cars and many more. Further investigation Pol Col Apichai revealed that Somkhanae led the gang and had more than 10 member in his bag slashing gang– the gang leader also revealed to police that the collected items and money were shared among the whole gang including the cashed money that they got from the stolen credit cards– the leader has a company that create websites as a front for all the money they were laundering.

Police authorities has also confirmed that they have the details of the rest of the ten members and know their whereabouts, Pol Col Apichai added that they will definitely be brought in for questioning and get the punishment that they deserve, however police feel that there could be more members to this alleged gang. Somkhanae was brought in on Thursday and held a press conference with local news outlet at a Pattaya police station stating his crimes– he is still waiting for his conviction