Bar girl murder suspects caughtThe main suspects in the horrific murder of karaoke bar girl Warisara Klinjui have been caught and arrested. The 22 year old girl was murdered, her body dismembered and buried following an argument over money that was owed to the accused.

Warisara Klinjui owed the accused 40,000 baht for over a year and had failed to pay the money back. Warisara Klinjui  also reported one of the accused Ms Preeyanuch’s husband in a drug-related case to the police, for which he is now in prison serving his sentence.

Following her arrest, Ms Preeyanuch told officers, she had no intention of killing Warisara Klinjui, but wanted to teach her a lesson for what she had done and for not repaying the money she owed. In a chance meeting, Ms Preeyanuch met with the victim and asked her to get into her car as she wanted to go for a drive. However, things turned Bar girl murder suspects caughtugly as the two girls ended up fighting inside the car, during which Ms Preeyanuch strangled the victim.

Having killed Warisara Klinjui panic set in as to how to conceal her death. initial thoughts were to dump her body into the water, however fears the body would resurface led the accused and her accomplices to dismember the victims body and bury her body.

The discovery of victims body led the accused to flee the country heading across the border to Myanmar. However, the high profile case gave little opportunity for the accused to hide and subsequently they surrendered themselves to the local authorities. Bar girl murder suspects caughtThai authorities sought help from their Myanmar counterparts to hunt down the suspects, who hid in a vacant house Tachileik. The trio were detained by Myanmar authorities on Saturday night and delivered… 

The hand-over of the three suspects was made on Saturday night shortly after 9 pm when Lt Col Aung Mien U, the Myanmar co-chairman of the Thailand-Myanmar Border Township Committee (TBC), and Pol Lt Col

The case continues and the accused are due to appear in court in the very near future. A crime re-enactment is expected to take place on Monday at several locations in Khon Kean.

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