Beach Road Pattaya has made an amazing amount of effort to improve and evolve itself into a high-quality tourist destination that caters to all kinds of tourist from every nationality.

Beach Road PattayaA question often asked is how Beach Road Pattaya is changing? The answer to that question is that there has been major development and improvement to many aspects of things that you can find just alongside on Beach Road Pattaya. Whether it’ll be better hotels and resorts, better restaurants and better tourist facilities not just for you but for the whole family. With constantly improved laws that have since been enforced, to keep this upcoming high-rise tourist city improving to its peak.

If you took a stroll down Pattaya Beach Road right now, you can definitely see huge developments that have made it’s way to the realm of this famous stretch of road in Pattaya. Regarding hotels on Beach Road, nowadays you can easily find yourself enjoying many facilities that these big name hotels such as the Hilton Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel or the Holiday Inn have to offer. These hotels still offer the same quality as you would expect from any of their other hotels and resorts that they have all around the world. Here in Pattaya, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy some of the best facilities many hotels along Beach Road, Pattaya, has to offer. For example the most exquisite 360-degree view of the whole of Pattaya bay from the Horizon bar at the Hilton Hotel. Many of these hotels are very affordable to tourists as the aspect of it is to cater to all and not just a specific group of individuals that come to enjoy Horizon Lounge Hilton Pattaya on Beach Road Pattayathemselves in Pattaya.

Just in 2017 alone, Pattaya tallied in around 16 million hotel guests. It is anticipated and expected by some of the long-standing locals here in Pattaya, that there is no doubt that the number will fall low anytime soon. However, it is expected that once more developments have been made to Beach Road, Pattaya, more high-quality hotels both internationally and locally known, will make their way to the bay area in the next five years. These hotels include Four Points by Sheraton, Citadines Jomtien Beach, Grand Centre Point, Amari Pattaya Ocean Suites and many more to be announced.

Other than many high-quality hotels that have been established along Beach Road, the next big thing to look forward to are the restaurants, both existing and new. Pattaya is known to be very diverse in terms of not just the tourists that come in and out of this beautiful city, but the expats that have now considered Pattaya their ‘home’. Just on Beach Road alone, you can find more than 20 different types of international restaurants and more than one hundred different restaurants, if you go by just the different types of cuisines. From the unique style of Indian restaurant cuisine, whether it’s Vegetarian Indian food, homemade Delhi dishes, amazing Italian pizzerias and of course delicious Ethiopian course meals you can find it all by just walking down the Pattaya Beach Road and take a look at all these wonderful restaurants that are available to you.Variety of Seafood on Beach Road Pattaya

As well as the international restaurants, you can find magnificent places to dine the Thai way. Traditionally Thai people do not use restaurants as we would know back in Europe and worldwide. However, aside from the street carts there are some amazing Thai restaurants that serve up dishes that will satisfy the most demanding of taste buds.Try many new dishes including Thai fusion dishes and of course, don’t forget to check out the amazing fresh seafood restaurants we have available here that are a must try. If you love eating out in restaurants, well Pattaya has an abundance of places to choose from.

Hang out places and bars, are also making its scene to the area. An example of a new place where you can tag your whole family along is the Teddy Bear Museum which is right next to The A-One Hotel on Beach Road. This place is not just a museum for your kids to run around and have a good time, but you can also enjoy the perks of the amazing sea view while hanging out on the balcony cafe sipping your favorite drink.

Hooters which is widely known has also made its way to the Beach Road area with its grand opening in 2016 making it the largest international Hooters in Thailand. This made a big impact on other big name franchised bars and hang out places to open up down on Beach Road Pattaya due to its success. The Pattaya Beer Garden, which is suited right at the beginning of Walking Street on the right-hand side is a very popular venue. The view that you get from hanging out at that place alone is already a win, but the food and beverages and not to mention the price is a plus for those who want to enjoy a decent night out and be surrounded by an energetic crowd.

Parasailing on a speedboat off of Beach Road PattayaOther activities you can find yourself enjoying are of course the water activities along Beach Road. You can literally step down and walk along the beach to find any type of activity that you want to try out. Better yet, nowadays the activity vendors will step up right to you, to offer you a fun time at the beach whether it’ll be jet-skiing, parasailing, scuba diving or just a simple banana boat ride and more. Though it might be a bit pricey, you do have to keep in mind that Pattaya, and especially Beach Road, where it is a very popular area for tourist, and more expensive than less popular areas of Pattaya.

It is better sometimes to look around and search for a reasonable and suitable price for you to do the activity, but regardless of how much you spend the fun is definitely guaranteed. If you choose to use a jet-ski be certain to check the machine thoroughly before heading out into the waters.

Baht bus on Beach Road PattayaBut if you’re not a fan of strolling and would prefer to take a ride down the Beach Road, then you can take the baht bus down the entire Pattaya Beach Road for just 10 baht. If it ever cost you any more than 10 or 20 baht then you are being overcharged. It is always best practice to just hop on and off these buses, don’t ask the driver how much, you do that you have just made his day! How to get on the baht bus on Beach Road is very easy, you just need to stand on the side of the road and make sure that it is not the beach side of the road as it is illegal to for the drivers stop on that side.

Next is just to make sure that the driver can see you, so you can flag them down for you to be seated. Make sure that you do sit or if there is no space on that particular baht bus then do not get on, because the new law states that you cannot stand inside or outside of the bus. Ignore this and you will get fine that is a minimum of 2,000 baht. Other than that then you’re good to go, just make sure that you press the little buzzer above your head to let the driver know that you would like to get off. Once you do get off don’t forget to pay the fee, walk up to the passenger side of the bus and give the driver your 10 baht then you can be on your way.

How Beach Road Pattaya is changing could be and will be discussed for a long time to come. Beach improvements, new restaurants, bars, and exciting new hotels are all part of the everyday life here in Pattaya that will always keep you on your toes.

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