A question we are often asked is where are the best restaurants in Pattaya?A question we are often asked is where are the best restaurants in Pattaya?

Pattaya is often under the spotlight, and for much of the time it’s for the night life and entertainment that is available here. However, let’s not talk about that, instead let’s talk about a city that has pretty much every conceivable, culinary dish available to hand. Yes, Pattaya is packed with restaurants that not only cater for all tastes, but also all budgets. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there is a restaurant just around the corner to suffice your appetite. When asked where are the best restaurants in Pattaya, it is always difficult to know the answer. We could list so many but as we know, we are all different and have different expectations. We have visited  restaurants with glowing reports and left disappointed, likewise we have been to restaurants that have suffered poor reviews and been very impressed, so it really is a tough one to call.

The plus factor of social media, is there are a lot of groups set up reviewing restaurants based on individual experiences. On the whole these groups are useful, however, there are the odd power glory keyboard warriors who take pleasure finding fault for the slightest imperfection. In general though, information supported by photos is often a great way of seeing whats on offer.

18301208_1122705521206380_7304637949973811690_nA few things to consider when choosing your venue.

If you are looking for a good Thai restaurant, find the restaurants that have a lot of Thai customers. You may think that’s a stupid comment, but when you understand Thai people are very critical of their food, it makes sense if there are a lot of people using the restaurant, chances are it’s decent food.

If you are wanting to take advantage of “Special Offers” Pattaya has many restaurants offering “Daily Specials”.  Check out our Events Calendar as well as social media, there are plenty to choose from. You can grab some really great offers, and just because it is a “Special” it doesn’t mean standards are compromised. We have eaten in many restaurant/bars here that offer “Daily Specials” and they are always top draw!

If you prefer a fine dining experience, Pattaya has some fantastic restaurants. You can sit overlooking the Gulf of Thailand enjoying your dinner, maybe try out a restaurant in the city center, or head out further afield and try some of our hidden gems off the beaten track. Whatever you are looking for you, Pattaya will have a restaurant that will tick all your boxes.

If you have eaten at any of the restaurants in our Directory, please leave a comment and help others decide where to eat and to enjoy eating in the best restaurants in Pattaya.