Coming up real soon– 49 days to be exact till the famous Loy Krathong festival in Thailand.

First let’s get to known what it’s all about– Loy Krathong is a Buddhist-Hindu festival that has been adapted to Thai culture for more than 300 years. In this festival you celebrate the Great Mother of Rivers or Chao Mae Kongka which is known to Thai people as ‘mother nature’ for giving us life, water and the surroundings environment that we need. Further along the timeline the Thais have adapted the it to be towards the Thai culture and Buddhism– the purpose of the festival is for you to stay connected with mother nature and ask for forgiveness for all your sins that you have done. Nowadays people just celebrate it because it’s just ‘a holiday festival’ and has became a well known day for teens to go on dates together.

How the festival goes is you usually have to have a float, the bigger the better which was originally made from banana leafs and decorated with meaningful flowers as well as a light candle and incense. What you put inside the float is a snippet of your hair, nails, a leaf that has your name and date of birth on it and a few coins to pay the path to mother nature. Nowadays people don’t really use the banana leaf floats anymore due to how much it cost just for a tiny one and of course it’s too much a of a hassle to make one yourself– they now have bread-made floats that are popular and dissolves in the water as food for the fishes. The things inside aren’t usually traditional anymore, especially the money and coins as people will go in the water, tip over your float just to steal the coins.

You can basically celebrate this event anywhere whether it’ll be the beach, a pond, a river or even your sink as long as you have good intentions and want to celebrate it. This year’s Loy Krathong is going to be on Friday the 23rd of November so keep a look out and mark your calendar for that if you don’t want to miss out because Loy Krathong can get very hectic especially in popular places like a well known lake, river or beach– beach road Pattaya will definitely crazy from having a lot of people wanting to put heir floats in the ocean.