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The Ice Cube at V20 Cocktail BarThe Ice Cube @ V2O Cocktail Bar 

For the best start of the night out in party town Pattaya, this is the place! Located in the heart of Walking Street, when you seek a great night out, make sure you come and sample the atmosphere at The Ice Cube and The V2O Cocktail Bar.

The Ice Cube

The Ice Cube is the -11 degree Ice Room, which is the perfect place to cool down and get some respite from the hot and humid temperatures. Although the room is freezing cold, you will receive a jacket and hat if needed, but the one thing that will balance out the temperature is a shot of premium alcohol. Although most ice bars only sell vodka shots, at The Ice Cube you have a fantastic choice of shots such as Jagermeister, sambuca, 3 kinds of tequila, honey whiskey, sake of course over 20 flavors of vodka and much more.

The Ice Cube at V20 Cocktail BarThe V2O Cocktail Bar

After visiting the Ice Cube, you will be ready to warm things up a bit in one of the best lounge bars on Walking Street; the V2O Cocktail Bar. Known for its modern and stylish interior design, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing bars in the city, with an air-conditioned atmosphere, making it a comfortable place to hide out for the evening.

Here they take cocktails to the next level, as all the staff members are trained by the Bacardi ex-world champion bartending Tommy Seelee, who has trained bartenders all over Thailand and Asia, mostly in high end bars and hotel bars.

Come along to explore the stunning world of world-class cocktails with 4 flavors of Mojitos, the Pina Colada, the signature Apple Martini, the Mai Tai and many more. You can sample mixology shooters and shots such as the Monkey Brain, the Chocolate Snake Bite, the Flaming Lamborgini and the classics as B52’s, Blowjobs and the Kamikaze.

It is also the only place on Walking Street where you find a real top shelf; Single malts, Patron Tequilas, Hendricks Gin, 2 top end Rums, Grey Goose, Belverdere & Ciroc vodka, and much more.

The Ice Cube @ V2O Pattaya -11 Ice Room & Cocktail Bar

Entrance Ground Floor Corner of Soi 15 & Walking Street Pattaya

  • Person Ms Janpen
  • Address Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand, 20150

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