On Saturday 11th August a video from the Facebook page Rao Rak Pattaya (We Love Pattaya) went viral showing strange behavior between a tourist police and a foreign tourist. The caption to the video roughly translates to “Oh whats that? Is that a thousand baht note? Foreign tourist handing over a thousand bank note to police at Bali Hai pier for what? Who cares, I’ll just keep it anyways.”

This soon sparked out range by Thai social media and many more Thai pages started sharing the video with captions such as “police are the real scammers”, “this is a disgrace” or even some sarcastic ones like “the police is probably gonna buy him some food”, “police is just borrowing money from rich farang”. However, the video went as viral enough that the Pattaya police department found out and saw this video and called in all officers for an emergency meeting on this matter.

Anant Chareonchasri, Pattaya’s mayor, revealed to news reporters that this is a disgrace to the community and gives the whole Pattaya city a bad name and image by doing such thing. The said officer in the video was called in for questioning personally by the mayor and told his side of the story– the tourist didn’t want to come down to the station to pay the fine which he also failed to address what the fine was for but rather pay at the place of incidence. However, this did not go over well with the mayor nor police department as police have to do things in practical order with a written document and a ticket to what ever charge the person may be charge with. The police officer in the video failed to have evidence that show his purity and has now been revoked and fired as a police officer.