Eden Club is changing things up like no other club in  Walking street.

Located on the corner of Walking Street and the Soi Diamond Arcade previously called DClub A Gogo has been change to Eden Club as we all know since it’s opening on April 6th this year– how ever seems like they are changing it up again converting the place into a Japanese Karaoke Bar.

Though the old a gogo had a lot of potential to be a night club and a gogo lounge the format has completely changed into a Japanese Karaoke Bar with it’s opening on the 13th of August. This is something new and unique to Walking Street since there are mostly just nightclubs, bars, music lounge and of course a gogos but not a karaoke bar that we know of. This place still has beautiful girls to offer you company as you enjoy the night singing and drinking away.

Being both new and bold this place has a lot of potential on success as a new place for people and tourist to check out. Thailand has more than 2.6 million Japanese visitors just this year so far and more ten thousand are Pattaya tourist between June and August– if this goes as planned this place can see some major success in the long run.

The down side of a business like this especially in Pattaya or any tourist attraction area is that there will be a lot of people keeping an eye on you. If the place is a flop and fails then the owner just lost a massive amount of money, reputation and the place itself, however, if this succeed then there will surely be more ‘Karaoke bar’ opening up and might even be the same country theme as this one. Nevertheless this is still a great move for the old a gogo on moving on and bringing new unique ideas to the well known Walking Street.