If you’re ever wondering what is so good about these restaurants up top in these fancy hotels and why people go to them, well wonder no further as Peter Garwood from Thailand Win&Dine tells you all about the Edge Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel Pattaya in his review for his Sunday buffet.

Something of a curate’s egg, the Sunday Hilton buffet. Good in parts. The view, at least, remains consistently outstanding.

For 1490฿ you get a particularly mixed bag. The dessert choice is considerable, and reasonable quality. The sushi and sashimi, very good. But the remainder, sadly, rather less tempting.

The cheese selection, a bit of a disaster. Gorgonzola, ‘Chedda’, or ‘Blue Cheese’ (anonymous). The bread buffet had lost its freshness, some was quite dry. Pan-fried foie gras was wafer thin, drowning in balsamic vinegar. Interesting selection of rather chemical-looking fruit juices, going by the colouration. A soda water (100฿ plus tax plus service), and a still water (60฿ ++) instead, then.

Why no wine? Well the free flow wine supplement at 1300฿ had seemed a good option… until the display revealed some of the cheapest plonk available in Thailand short of putting a box of Mont Clair on the table. Bandicoot Shiraz and Chardonnay took pride of place in the centre of the table. Pass.

Anyway, back to the food. Cured meats selection was not exactly of the highest quality. A truffle ravioli was tried. Excellent sauce, but the ravioli well short of the al dente stage.

In short if you enjoy pigging out on sushi, sashimi and sweet things, don’t mind plonk and can get through about 4 bottles on your own to achieve value for money, and really need somewhere to go to impress teerak with the setting and panorama, then at 2,790฿ including free flow wine, the Hilton buffet is exactly what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, on future Sundays you will not be seeing me there.


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