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Brooklyn Club PattayaBrooklyn Club Pattaya located at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street in Pattaya, is a very popular nightclub. Located in the busy area of Bali Hai, Brooklyn Club Pattaya is a firm favourite with both locals as well as visitors. Once you enter the club it spreads out into a large vibrant room, where the atmosphere grabs you and drags you to the dance floor. The club is based on an urban street style theme. Walls covered in graffiti, chill out lounge seating, an industrial feel to the place.

In the center of the club is the dominant bar area. It’s tall majestic presence, towers over you, with it’s illuminated shelves stocked full of enticing drinks. You can sit around the bar or you may wish to choose to sit on any of the bar style tables in front of the dance area, or perhaps sit back in the lounge style seats along the sides and back area of the club.

Brooklyn Club PattayaThe DJ is as you would expected, higher up than the dance floor, overlooking his crowd of people and making sure the floor never stands still.¬†Brooklyn Club Pattaya are renowned for bringing top DJ’s to the city, and on regular occasions you can dance the night away to some of the hottest sounds around. Of course, as with all the popular clubs here in Pattaya, there are always plenty of people in the club. The club will take you through the night and into the early hours of the morning until you need to go to bed.

The service staff in Brooklyn Club Pattaya are very efficient and will make sure you are well taken care off. There is a great selection of drinks and spirits as you would expect, and keep your eye out for their in-house promotions, you can grab yourself some fantastic deals!

So next time you are in Walking Street and you have the urge to dance the night away, head over to Brooklyn Club Pattaya. It’s fun, it’s busy, it’s electrifying and definitely a place to be!


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