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CandyshopCandyshop in Walking Street, Pattaya is one of the best places in the city when it comes to offering you a place to chill out and relax as well as a place to let your hair down and go wild! Located on the right hand side as you enter Walking Street from Beach Road, this venue has it all. Outside you can chill out and relax in their comfortable patio seating and watch the world go by. The service staff are efficient and prompt and cater for your every need. While you are relaxing and taking it all in, behind you is one of Pattaya’s best night spots that comes alive as the night sets in.

As the night time evolves so does Candyshop. The chill out zone out the front remains for those who wish to enjoy their evening outside, but behind you things really start to get in full swing. Candyshop hosts some of the top bands in Thailand and their regular “in-house” band are one of the tightest groups of musicians you are likely to hear. They play all the latest music and really know how to get the party going and work with the crowd to create a pulsating environment.

CandyshopThere is an oval shaped bar in the center of the venue which is a great place to sit and watch the band play and the girls dancing. If you are not a sit at the bar kind of person, well juts behind the band is a spacious area full of seating that you can choose to sit in. There are several smaller stand up booths in the main area but unless you get there fairly early, these are soon snapped up. Candyshop is a fantastic night out, you get the best of both worlds in terms of chill out area and hard hitting party time. This place is a firm favourite with the locals, especially the girls and once you pay Candyshop a visit you will soon see why.

If you want to party the night away and want live DJ music, well Candyshop is part of a group of clubs and right above the venue is Pattaya’s hottest nightclubs in town, 808 Club, take a look and see what this fantastic club has to offer!

  • Address Walking Street\r\nPattaya, Thailand

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