Fighting in Pattaya, just don't do it!Fighting in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand really is not a good idea! What is Thai style? OK, so for many people who come here, they have a fantastic time, enjoy the city for all it offers, and go home with empty pockets and a lifetimes worth of memories. However, there is a side of Thailand you need to not only be aware of, but also make sure you don’t cross. It’s far to easy to have a great night out, enjoy having fun and games, and to drink far more than probably you should. But here lies the problem, often when we are drunk we make mistakes and often get more aggressive than normal. It’s easy to misjudge things and maybe bump into people etc etc, we all know how we behave when drunk.

Fighting in Pattaya, just don't do it!So what’s the big deal you maybe thinking, well the big deal is if you bump into a Thai person who takes offence to your drunken manner. Yes I know most Thai men are 2ft 6″ when stood on tiptoes, but don’t let that fool you! Here lies the big problem, no matter how big and tough you may think you are or the alcohol makes you feel, when you confront a Thai man in an aggressive manner, you will soon realise what is Thai style and why fighting in Pattaya is a stupid idea. Thai’s very rarely fight solo, even if a fight is nothing to do with passerby’s they will also get involved, especially if there is a foreigner involved in the altercation. It is very common to see a single foreigner having to fend of a pack of Thai men, all raining in blows and kicks from all directions. What is really sad about this is that often the attacks are over nothing!  But Thai style works like this, Thai men will not accept losing face, they will confront you even if it is just a verbal exchange, they will not walk away. Also if you do start trading blows, Thai style will mean that many other Thai men will step in to stack the odds up in favour of the Thai man. Why, you may ask, does this happen, well something you may not know is that losing face is not only at the scene of the incident. Thai men will not want it getting back to their village that they were beaten up by a foreigner, it just can’t happen, hence why the pack mentality steps in and suddenly it’s ten against one!

Fighting in Pattaya, just don't do it!So, what do you do if confronted, well firstly try to avoid any situations that may turn ugly, it really is as simple as that! No matter how big or hard you may think you are, chances are you will be on the wrong end of a hiding! Secondly, if you do find yourself in a bad situation, just apologise, who cares about bravado and being the ‘big man” it’s better to back down than be the target of a severe attack. It really isn’t worth it, let’s be honest, there are countless videos of attacks, all of which 99% of the time the foreigner comes off far worse, sometimes critical! (CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS)

Now, having said all the above I want to make one thing clear. Thai men and women are in general very nice people, they will help you and befriend you, it’s not a problem to be here. I have been here over 6 years and never once had any problem with Thai’s, in fact I have many many Thai friends and they really are great to be around. All I am saying, is if you do get yourself into a situation, for goodness sake, WALK AWAY as fighting in Pattaya and in Thailand will land you in trouble and could seriously damage your health!!!