A five year old Chinese boy has died after being hit by a bus while touring at a temple in Pattaya.

On Wednesday morning at around 11.30am there were calls made to local authorities reporting a incident of a boy that have been hit by a bus. Local media reported that the young boy was chasing a cat around in the parking lot when he ran behind the bus as it was reversing at the temple in Bang Lamung. The incident occurred while the boy and his family were touring and visiting Pattaya’s famous temple with their tour group.

When officials and local authorities arrived they were heartbroken to see the devastating scene; the young boy laying in the parking lot with his skull crush in while his parents sat there looking at their beloved child’s body and hysterically crying, tourist and other visitors could not help but wept along the horrific accident that just had occurred.

While questioning the tourists for more information on the incident, one stated that the boy have been running around chasing cats in the temple and ran into a dead corner where the tour bus was parked, hence why the chauffeur probably did not see anyone, let alone a young child running and being behind the bus.

However, officers did detained the 37 yea old chauffeur, Arnon Kumdeewan for more questioning and may be charged with reckless driving. Mr. Kumdeewan stated that he took the tour group out to their usual visiting spot at the temple and was preparing to go visit another tourist attraction, he then suddenly heard people shouting out that he has hit a child, however as he looked back at his mirror and did not see a thing until he came out of the driver’s seat to see the horrific incident.