Gambling in Pattaya, good or bad?Gambling in Pattaya, why gambling in Pattaya benefits everyone in the city.


There are many people on both sides of the fence when it comes to the subject of whether gambling should be legalised in Thailand. If emotion were to be removed from everyone’s thoughts it would be hard to find an argument why it wouldn’t benefit a city such as Pattaya. Admittedly this is not the case for all cities in Thailand but with proper due diligence, gambling in Pattaya seems to tick all the boxes.


Pattaya is already regarded as an entertainment centre with Thailand so the effects on locals in social terms would be minimal. In reality you would just be adding a new form of entertainment rather than introducing something completely new and different to what was already there. Those who live and work in Pattaya know exactly what to expect and have done so for more years than many would care to remember.

If gambling and casinos were to come to Pattaya it would be a boost to the entertainment venues that already exist as they would not be in direct competition. Restaurants, hotels and of course the local businesses would also benefit from the influx in people. New businesses would also move to the city such as shows and large arenas catering for live performances and concerts in a similar manner to what we have seen in Las Vegas.


Gambling in Pattaya


Gambling in Pattaya, good or bad?Of course an influx of people and businesses will increase prices and bring more revenue into Pattaya, increasing it’s popularity among tourists and residents people creating a snowball effect. This will have a large impact on real estate prices as new visitors, and new businesses will want to own their own piece of Pattaya. Increased demand means rapid appreciation, especially when you consider that prices are currently low in comparison to other developed parts of Asia.


Appreciating prices will benefit those currently owning land and property in and around the Pattaya area. There are still plenty of opportunities for those not already owning property to benefit. As yet prices haven’t gone up, but rumours are circulating fast that things will change imminently. Anyone who is considering or has previously considered investing in Pattaya should act quickly to benefit from the inevitable capital gains that they will make if and when gambling is legalised.


The Thai Baht is currently strong which may deter some investors but in reality the reason for this is the strength of the Thai economy so there seems little prospect of this altering anytime soon. Many commentators are suggesting that any reductions that will be felt by the strength of the Thai Baht will be outweighed by the capital appreciation that investors will benefit from. The future for Pattaya is bright and now is the perfect time to invest especially if casinos do come to the city and gambling in Pattaya is legalised.


So what are your thoughts on gambling in Pattaya, do you think it should be legalised, will it bring more visitors or will it cause more issues, what are your thoughts on this subject?


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