The Ganesh festival in Pattaya has begun and it will on for a full week starting from the 7th of September.

The Hindu and Buddhist celebration of Ganesh has already started in Pattaya to worship and represent the god of success according beliefs. The Pattaya Ganesh Lovers Club, Chaiwat Dechnatee announced that the festival will start and take place at Central Festival Marina and ending the their finale day of the festival at the Bali Hali Pier– the members are taking the main worship statue of Ganesh from the front of Central Festival Marina to go around in a parade where worshipers can come and pay respect by pouring coconut water or milk to wash the body of the statue for good health and a smooth business, other than this you can also shower the statue with floral water that is covered in Marigold petals.

The main event will take place on the 13th of September as it is the birth date of the god of success himself which will be held at Bali Hai Pier starting from 18.00 pm to 21.00 pm– this ritual ceremony is considered to be the biggest of it’s kind in Thailand with the previous year having more than 2,000 Ganesh statues that joined the parade, celebrated with a tone of firework displays as well as thousands of worshipers that attended the ceremony.

Though the Hindu believe in India is that Ganesh is the “god for everyman” and the “god of beginnings”, however Thai people being predominantly Buddhist recognize him asĀ  the “god of success” is worshiped all around Thai. Ganesh is also considered to be the mascot of the sacred deity that you have to worship if you are an engineer– in many Thai universities there is a statue of Ganesh in front of the engineering faculty for students to pay respect and ask for good ideas in their creative work.