girls in pattayaWhen you come to Pattaya and to many of the famous nightlife haunts available here in Thailand, you are often filled full of expectations and excitement, correct? But what happens when all you see is girls in Pattaya with phones in their hands? 

So how do you feel when you hit these famous locations to see lots of pretty girls, but with one common problem, they all have their mobile phones in their hands and are not interested in you at all.

Over the last 5 years phones have become more and more dominant with the bar girls. Let’s be honest, they are streaming their income flow from all of their long lost sponsors. Guys sat at home wishing they were still here in the bars in Pattaya, enjoying the company of their new found love. However, for most, they have to travel back home and await their return.

Meanwhile, their new found love is busy back on her phone, doing what, well your guess is as good as anyones.

But how does this affect the bar in general, in terms of when a new customer or even returning customer chips up to see girls with their heads buried in their phones. Many bars in Soi 6 Pattaya and many other Sois, are literally full of mobile happy girls. Some bars dispute this as say they have a no phone policy or that the girls can only check their phones if they use the toilet. Funny thing is there is often a queue to the toilet, can’t imagine why?

So what is the solution, ban the phones completely and let the customers actually get a chance to interact with the girls? Would the girls even interact or would they be angry that their lifeline has been removed for a said few hours.

The main problem is nowadays girls use their phones to generate business. With Tinder, LINE, Whatsapp, facebook and many other connecting apps, the girls are never short of customers should they wish.

So what does the future hold in terms of girls and phones. Will they be banned, will customers enjoy the service of year ago before mobile phones became so prevalent.

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