Going out and about at night especially if you’re a party goer and love to be the life of the party but drinking can sometimes burn that whole in your pocket real fast. So here are some tips on getting you drunk from the minute you step outside all the way to Walking Street without spending as much as you normally would.

First thing you need to do as soon as you get out of your resident is find a seven eleven– people say pre-drinking is not essential to a good night but it may be if you’re planning to stay a while without having to pay for as much drink. At seven eleven there are a lot of pre-drinking drinks you can choose from but the best one to get is the Smirnoff Midnight as it is 7% in a small tiny can for just 35 baht, two of those will probably get you in a good mood.

Next thing to do once you have your pre drinks is to walk around, it might sound boring and tiring but believe that you will see some things you might not see in the day time or being sober. Take a stroll along the beach road and buy more drinks. If you can resist, try not to stray away into any bar just yet, keep your eyes straight and keep drinking.

Now if you’re walking pass a cocktail car then you should probably take a seat order a drink and hang about there, though you might not like the music but the cocktails and the vibe is something to look forward for. The lights and drink from the cocktail car will get your buzz on another level with all the lights, music, alcohol and all the younger people having a fun night out sitting around you– it’s like you’re already in a club.

Once all your ‘pre-drinking’ is done then you should head done to Walking Street and pick any club you desire to spend the night but be sure to check out the ones that are ‘open’ with live music just to get the fun out then after you can snooze up in a club somewhere later on the night.