If you’re ever wandering around the famous Walking Street in Pattaya and don’t know where to go or which bar/club to sit at for the right vibes then you should definitely check out these places to see what they have to offer.

Candy Shop
If you’re a fan of fun live music with great energy and vibes then you should pay a visit to Candy Shop. They have live music everyday with great singers that will definitely pump up your night with both current music and famous club music for you to enjoy– you can sit in the front of the bar if you’re not a fan of dancing or standing but if you are then you should a table inside around the stage area where you can pop up on stage and have fun with the band and your friends. Drink prices are an average of 120 baht per beer and so on. There is also the lounge area where you can sit for a more intimate night after the band finishes.

This club is one of the most popular ‘hip hop’ base club in town right now. Filled with diversity and amazing tunes that will blast your night away. Located right next to Candy Shop the club is packed almost every night with part goers heading for a more ‘clubbing vibe’ after a relaxing time at a bar. The bar area is right in the middle of the club which is straight across from the main stage where you can go up and have a bit of fun showing everyone your moves to your favorite tracks. Drink are at an average price for a club/bar with a normal San Miguel at 180 baht per bottle.

Rolling Stones
Now if you’re a rocker and enjoy great rock music then this place is must visit. There are only a few rock houses in all of Pattaya and this one is one of the best. The bands that play at this place is spectacular not just with their rocking skills but also entertainment wise as well that’ll make you feel like you’re at an actual rock event concert. The interior and vibes is very well thought out to suit the theme and the customers. Drinks are at a suitable price with an average price for a beer at 150-220 baht per bottle.

Frog Complex
If you’re not into any of the above but still want to go out to grab a drink and relax you can head down to the Frog Complex area. The area is filled with more than 10 ‘open bar’ where you can sit and have a drink, chat and play games with the girls at the bar who will entertain you through out the night. The location of the complex is beautiful as well as you it being an open area you can see the amazing view of the Pattaya City sign and the beautiful colorful sea at night that is glistening with the lights of Walking Street.