Gogo Bars in Pattaya

gogo bars in PattayaPattaya has been changing a lot over the last couple of years, and one of the biggest sufferers has to be gogo bars here in both Walking Street and LK Metro.

Gone are the days with gogo bars stacked to the ceiling with girls all baying for your attention. Most girls now are more interested in their mobile phones than they are of making an effort to keep you entertained. It’s a tough situation for gogo bar managers to handle, especially with footfall at an all-time low out on the streets.

So what is the answer to keeping gogo bars alive?

A good question and a difficult one to answer. The rents that the landlords’ charge is anything but cheap, for some their rent is on par with London city centre prices, incredible when you think about it. The majority of girls have all switched on to mobile apps such as Thai friendly, Tinder and other favourable platforms to connect with customers. Let’s be honest, what would you prefer, dancing on a stage in stilettos all night, or just sending a few messages out on a mobile?

Add to that the current financial situation when exchanging money here in Pattaya and across Thailand. It seems it will be a long time before we even think about getting 50B to an English pound. Those days seem well and truly over. Ex-pats living here on a fixed income, say a pension, are all feeling the pinch and spending less. Of course, we still have the two-week millionaires flooding the streets, but even those visitors are not as flash with their case as years gone by. It seems more and more visitors enjoy a night out with their mates’ bar hopping rather than hooking up with a lovely for the evening.

Where are the gogo bars in Pattaya?

To be honest, we could write a long list right now of all the gogo bars around both Walking Street and LK Metro. In fairness, by the time we did that a few would have closed down and a few new ones opened. Yes, it’s a tough time right now out there. Here is a map took last year that may be of use to you, but as we have already stated, please don’t take this map as gospel.

gogo bars in Pattaya, Thailand

What are the best gogo bars in Pattaya?

Haha, as if we can answer that and get it spot on, let’s be honest we are all different, right?

But if we were to choose a few where the majority of people like to visit, then these would be the gogo bars we would prefer, not necessarily recommend (we can’t please you all).

LK Metro Pattaya

The new kid on the block, and already making a name for themselves is KINK Agogo. This newly opened gogo club is a two-floor paradise for those wanting a “full on” experience. Stage shows, a very well-designed upstairs area with play mats and lots of beautiful girls. It’s not expensive, and it’s definitely worth hitting up.

Touch and Pulse Agogo, owned by the same company have a great selection of girls working each night. Touch is the smaller in size of the two clubs but has been around for much longer. The girls are fun to be with and enjoy an evening’s frolics. Across from Touch Agogo is Pulse Agogo, again this is not new, new, but it is one of the more modern clubs so to speak. This is much larger and more spacious than Touch Agogo. There are several stages and podiums for the girls to entertain you on. There is also a shower area, always a fun time when the water and soap appears! The girls are pretty, the music is great, and their club has a really lovely feel to it. If you are in LK Metro for an evening, we would suggest paying them a visit.

Walking Street Pattaya

Club Mistys Agogo on Walking Street is and has always been a firm favourite with many visitors. Having been established for a long time, this gogo bar really does have it sussed. Pretty girls, reasonably priced drinks, great ambience and your always made to feel “very” welcome.
Taboo Club is a great place to hang out if you are in Walking Street. This club has got a great “clubbing” vibe to it. The girls love dancing and are great fun. The club is deceiving in size, initially, you would think it’s quite small, however, walk down to the end and you enter a much larger area with leather chairs and plenty of seating. There can be anything from 30 – 50 girls dancing at any one time.

What is the price of drinks in a gogo bar?

The average price of drinks based on our own findings is that around LK Metro a bottle beer ranges between 140B – 160B with Lady drinks averaging around 160B (these are not exact prices, and you are better checking FB pages for more accurate pricing for individual gogo clubs). Walking Street drink prices are as you would expect, much higher. If you are on a fixed budget, maybe take the time to look around. There are plenty of gogo bars offering “special promotion” draft beer offers etc. But on average expect to pay 180B for a bottled beer and Lady drinks to come in around 190B – 225B.

Drinking draft Beer in a Gogo Bar

OK, we did a test as we wanted to know how the girls view a guy who drinks the cheap draft beer. So, we set out and went into ten different gogo bars. Five on Walking Street and five in LK Metro, all of which will remain nameless. So, into the first gogo bar. We sat down and ordered two draft beers. Ten minutes later we had received zero attention. Girls we wanted to come to sit with us all pretty much did the same. Gesturing to either of us would we buy them a drink before they came over.

So, we paid up and left for another venue. Again, the same thing happened, girls kind of stayed away from us as we had draft beer? Now having tried our draft beer campaign in five bars, and in each one, we chose to drink draft beer, we found a very similar attitude with girls not wanting to come and join us, so we decided it was time to change tactics.

We were now enjoying bottle beers, mainly Sam Miguel Light and wow what a change of attitude with the girls. We actually had girls come and join us voluntarily. No gesture to ask for a drink before they headed over. So, it was reasonably obvious that drinking the draft beer gave the impression you were a cheap charlie. So, there were the results and needless to say we continued drinking our bottled beers and had a great night out.

In conclusion, gogo bars here in Pattaya, are under pressure to survive. The odds are stacked against then right now so next time you visit and the prices are higher than you expected, or the girls are not paying you much attention with your draft beer. Well, it’s not easy and tough times are upon us all.

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