The flood problem is still an on going issue that Pattaya have to fix.

Though this may be the rainy season in Thailand but in the past month Pattaya haven’t yet to experience the excessive rain, only just little sprinkles and light showers of rain that go on for about half an hour or an hour at most until late last night (September 3). Rain starting pouring around 8 or 9 pm and did not stop till early morning on the next day which means that this could be a very big problem for citizens who live near the Sukhumvit road, especially in the some of the main area of Pattaya– Pattaya Tai, Pattaya Klang, Pattaya Nua and some parts of the railway road sections.

Local media have reported that only an hour of heavy rain from last night has coursed total road chaos on the Sukhumvit in the Pattaya Nua area. The road was completely submerged in water and damaged many other properties including sidewalk stalls, on ground road signs, parked cars and motorbike. Because the road was completely under water, citizens especially drivers who can not see what is on the road are warned to be especially cautions while driving in the rain– a tour bus fell down and was stuck in a hole that was damaged by the rain and completely blocked the road. Road barriers were put up for drivers to avoid the holes, however because of the condition of the road it could not be helped to avoid the hole let alone see what was underneath the flooded water.

Naris Niramaiwong, Banglamung district chief took action last night as the road chaos was too much to be handled by residents– Niramaiwong rolled up his trousers and directed operation as well as directed drivers to safety for hours after the tour bus was stuck. He also ordered the area to be closed off due to the damaged road and warned citizens to brace for more rain to come.