An incident of robbery at a popular hotel in Pattaya Klang that have been reported since August 4th have now been solved.

On August 4th an American tourist Tracy Nguyen, 48, filed an complaint to Pattaya local police that her bank cards, passport, diamond earrings, gold and silver bracelets and valuable items including $US3,500 in cash was stolen from her room at the Vogue Hotel in Pattaya Klang where she was staying. Police suspected that it was obviously somebody who can easily enter in and out of the rooms on a regular bases and had examined the security cameras focusing mainly on the hotel maids. After the evidence, story and timeline all matched, Pattaya police sent out a warrant to arrest the suspect who was staying in a rented room in Nong Prue on Saturday.

Pimsiri Boonchu, 26, admitted to police that it was indeed her who stole from the american tourist– seized from her were silver and copper alloy necklaces and a Honda Civic car with a Bangkok license plate– the money however was used to pay for the car and the other stolen items were sold, this robbery came to a sum of 500,000 baht or about $US15,500. Pimsiri also told police that this is the first time she has ever committed any theft though police highly doubt that due to the amount that she was willing to steal and how she handled the items after– she later quit her job right after she has stolen the items to purchase the car that was seized.

Ms Nguyen has already returned home to the United States but Pol Col Apichai Krobphet, the Pattaya police chief have contacted her to inform the arrest– she has plans to come back to Thailand. Though the arrest has been made and the suspect has been caught this incident has tarnished the reputation of Pattaya’s tourism and police urge hotels to further screen their staffs and employees regularly.