On Saturday August 18th at A-One Hotel in Pattaya the ‘annual’ Kolour Beachside Party was being held and it looked fun and wild– maybe too wild for some.

An explicit video went viral on the Thai Facebook page ‘Kod Hao V.4’– a very popular and well known Thai page that post about funny or 18+ content. The said clip shows an Asian lady, most likely to be Thai was in a questionable position with a foreign male in the hotel’s swimming. The clip was originally posted by a Facebook user name ‘ Thachkrit Tk Wonglaemthong who was most likely to be one of the party goers– which was later on picked up by a well known Thai Facebook page ‘ Don’t Ask, I can’t be bothered’ with the caption ‘What the F*** is this partyyyy? Can I have the location please’.

The video has been taken down and deleted due to pornographic content by Facebook, however police are seeking the two people in the video for questioning and may be charged for public indecency. Pattaya police investigator,┬áPol. Capt. Thirawat Na Ranong, is now trying to call in Coran Maloney , the man behind this year’s Kolour Beachside Party for questioning as the outrages clip was made and went viral. The investigator stated that they started tracking down the managing director after the clip went viral on Facebook.

Investigation related to this party is still going on due to another clip of a male wearing a sailor hat was spreading a females leg apart and doing what seems to be ‘questionable’ actions to her lady parts. Though police are still looking for the people in the viral clips, the organizer however, may be charged with overlooking indecent public behavior as the event managing director.