The Kolour Beachside party finished with a wrap on Saturday but not the arrest and charges. As news has been reported that the incident happened on Saturday night at the party in the pool where everyone was enjoying their night, two clips went viral via a popular Thai Facebook page allegedly showing a foreign male doing questionable things in the pool with a Thai lady in he bikini. The video was initially posted by Mr. Thatchakrit onto his own Facebook with the caption “Wow just wow.. a gift from Pattaya for you guys” as seen from the repost account which was quickly picked up by 2 very popular Thai Facebook page.

Pol Col Apichai Krobphet, chief of the Pattaya police station, quickly filed for questioning for the party’s directing manager, Coran Malony¬†and the hotel management and may be charged for neglect and allowing act of public indecency. However, it has been reported that they have been spared from the police because they did not intend to have any sexual activity occurring during the party or without the hotel premise– the person who posted the viral clip, Mr. Thatchakrit, 23 year old student, is now being charged under the Computer Crimes Act with uploading obscene pictures/videos into a computer system and sharing it to the public. This charge can be liable for up to a maximum 5 years in jail and/or fine with 100,000 baht if convicted.

Thatchakrit did apologies to police on behalf of himself and others that may have done such acts for tarnishing Pattaya’s image and the people involved as well as the organizer’s and hotel’s name and reputation. He also explained that it was not a planed clip but he was instead live streaming via Facebook to show his social media friends but caught the outrages act in time so he decided to ‘spread awareness’ of how crazy a party can get. Police are still under investigation and are still looking for the male foreigner and Thai woman in the said clip but has no lead yet.