A lot of people still get stuck figuring their ways around, in and out of Pattaya which could be quite difficult considering the many Sois, allies and complicated road names. But if you’re here on a holiday and want to be in the moment and in the zone of where it’s all happening then Soi Buakhao and LK Metro is definitely for you!

This soi is well known for the Pattaya residents and expats that go there to have a fun time. This road connects from the second nearest junction down to beach road on Pattaya Klang all the way to the other side of town which is is Pattaya Tai. This street alone has more to offer than you could imagine with great bars such as Endless Bar which is great if you fancy a game of pool with your mates, the Sweethearts bar that is quite popular in that area, Witherspoons is great place for sports lover.

You’ll also have countless number of massage parlors that offers you traditional body massage to normal head and foot massage for just the minimum price of 200 baht per hour. If you are looking for one that is decent and well recommended then you should pay Nemo’s Massage a visit because they offer a huge range of services other than traditional massages.

For the food lovers you can find any type of cuisine in this soi whether it’ll be the classic Som Tum on the side of the road to delicious lamb kebab where you can get at McDonners Kebabs which is down LK Metro– LK Metro connects from Soi Buakhao, Soi Diana and Soi Lengkee where you can also find multiple delicious restaurants as well. Great restaurants like Jollys is one of the must visit place as well as MC Burger who are new but very popular with their quality burgers.

Entertainment wise, if you don’t feel like hanging the ‘Pattaya type of bar’ with all the beautiful girls hovering all over you then you can head down to Tree Tops which is a section of standing bars, restaurants, food stands, cocktails cars and more. The area is decorated beautifully with colorful lights to attract more younger visitors but anyone can pop down and have a good time there whether you’re by yourself or with your whole crew.