The Mövenpick Hotel in Jomtien lend a helping to the annual 2018 Kilo of Kindness which is from the 1st to the 15th of September.

This wonderful charity was launched by the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort back in 2015 as a global; campaign and was highly successful on pulling the the charity off — this was in honor of the United Nations Intentional Day of Charity on September 5th. This year charity event was set at the Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul which will contributes donation and collections to Yığmatepe Elementary School in Şahinbey and other local communities in need in Gaziantep. The event also helps another charity drive for children called Chance for Children with Noemi Delgado, the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel further stating, “in 2018, we are rallying support company-wide and across as many channels as possible in the hope it will be the charity drive‘s most successful year yet.” More plans for next year’s charity campaign is already in discussion as the Ghana’s Mövenpick chain is in partnership with the Chance for Children– a non governmental organisation (NGO) that helps a longstanding philanthropy with the Kilo of Kindness campaign.

The Mövenpick Hotel chain in Jomtien also helped out by inviting and encouraging people to drop off at least one kilogram of any goods they can hand out; clothing, foods, educational supplies etc. and other everyday or household items are welcomed. This donation will be distributed at the Karunyawet Home in Banglamung– a home of mercy that takes care for women with disabilities that help these patients with varieties of physical and mental issues that they can not get from their homes or family. There is still one day left to go and donate your goods at the hotel– a little help can go a long way for those in need especially with food and clothing.