According to reports the Grande Centre Point which will be the hotel attached to the new shopping mall Terminal 21 will not be selling alcohol.

The hotel is due to open this October with a total of 400 rooms for occupancy but has been reported might have put a lot of people off because they just announced a no booze policy which will be applied to all the hotels in the Grande Centre Point Group. This may not be a great move for the hotel chain as there is the same one in Bangkok with the same name that is getting a lot of criticism and bad reviews on TripAdvisor due to the no booze policy.

Kitti Worrabanpott, the managing director of LH Mall & Hotel stated earlier this month that building the shopping mall and hotel is said to be a minimum worth of 6 billion baht in total and is planning it to have the same reputation as the one in Bangkok also adding that he is hoping that the hotel would have at least 85% of occupancy in the first year of opening. Though the price of the rooms are only at 7,000 baht per night, tourist and visitors may as well stay somewhere with the full package, because the sales coordinator for the Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 in bangkok has confirmed that the same policy that is being used in Bangkok would be in used in Pattaya as well stating “our hotel will not serve or provide alcohol to the guests but guests can bring their own. Regarding the restaurants at our hotel  and guest rooms, we will allow guests to drink and bring in their own alcohol.”

Chaiyo Pansa, Duty manager at the Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 in Bangkok also confirming on the topic stated in an email to Thaivisa stating “all the Grande Centre Point hotel group will not sell or provide alcoholic beverages at all, however, guests are allowed to bring in their own”. He also adds in the email regarding corkage charges, “the restaurant at our hotel (Grand Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 (Bangkok) allows guests to bring in their own alcoholic beverages. There is no corkage charge for that. In the restaurant and guest room, drinking is allowed.”