The Ocean Marina Yacht club has seen some steady growth in recent year with 730% increase in daily trips that depart from the club.

Over the past recent years The Ocean Marina Yacht club had seen some impressive growth in their revenue as in both join-in and private charters in the east coast of Thailand’s gulf with generation x and millennial making up to 60% of the boating experiences. The join-in boat trips starts at 2,000 baht per person for a full day experience, however the private charters range from 25,000 up to 700,000 for ahlf a day or a full day trip on a superyacht– Ocean Marina Yacht club only charge between 50,000 baht up to 100,000 per day.

The top five foreign visitors to Pattaya itself are people from Russia, China, Korea, India and Germany– reports from the ITB World Travel Trend Report from last year shows that 60% of the travelers are Chinese millennial who are looking for new experiences and/or to enjoy something new that they can’t get in their home country. This helps support the Gulf of Thailand leisure boat business and boost the economic growth in leisure sailing as well as buying yachts and other motor crafts– this increase helps open up the sailing and boat experience  for new people to experience and enjoy.

All of this made the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show to be a success and is holding their 7th show this year that will be on the 29th of November till the 2nd of December, “since the first Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show in 2012, private boat ownership in the marina has grown by 15% and this is largely thanks to interest from the local market.” said Ocean Marina Yacht Club harbor master Scott Finsten also adding that “more than 45% of all boats in our marina are Thai-owned, which is a healthy indicator of steady growth in marine tourism in this part of Thailand. We also see strong domestic interest in boating at the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show where 70% of visitors last year were Thai nationals.”