If you are looking for a delicious French bakery with great quality both with the products and the ingredients then look no further. Read this review by Peter Garwood from Thailand Wine & Dine as he tells you about this new French bakery down in Jomtien.

Don’t expect bargain basement prices at Delices in the Jomtien Complex off Thappraya (just behind Tinnies). Or special offers. Or set menus. At least, not yet, in this French bakery/patisserie that opened its doors little more than a week ago. But what you can expect is quality; moreish quality, pastry style. Once this place gets known, the mean weight of the Pattaya expat community is going to increase by kilos.

Chocolate and almond croissant (65฿), a triple chocolate bread (53฿), a mini raisin twist (25฿) and a mini croissant (25฿) downed so far, and I could easily eat more. The dough baked to perfection, nice and light.

The business is still in soft opening mode, but one criticism. Please – break the mold, and be the first French establishment in town to serve drinkable coffee!! The cheap Robusta blends served by the French in Pattaya (and throughout most of France come to that), are just…. disgusting. And at 120฿ for a double espresso? Very much overpriced. The Belgians, the Swiss, the Italians manage it. Why not the French?

This is my second visit so I had already learnt my lesson in that respect. Twining’s Earl Grey tea, then. At a mere 40฿.

Overall though once birthing pains are over, this place has great potential. I would travel a fair way for quality like this. And I would recommend coffee shops and bistros that outsource some of their products to check out Aux Delices. Their croissants are ideal for filling.

Open from 7am to 7pm. Couple of small tables in the air-conditioned shop (plenty of room for more, and they will need them). Large terrace, no fans as yet.


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