A section of the Pattaya beach is now undergoing a reconstruction project due to the lack of sand and the environmental disaster that may come int he long run. More than 360,000 cubic meters of sand is now being dredged from the sea as part of the Marine Department project to improve the beach and coastal erosion.

The project is led by Geologist researcher Thanawat Jarupongsakul from Chulalongkorn University’s Department of Geology– making sure that the project goes smoothly and does not damage any marine environment while trying to create a ‘new beach’. Though the financial cost of the project is one of the major issue, the financial benefit from the improvement from tourism is going to be well paid off, Thanawat told the Nation.

The project is aiming to restore about 2.7 kilometer of the beach and widening it another 3.4 meter to its original width which is 35 meter. The project will reclaim a total of 59 rai from the sea bed with a total budget of 420 million baht. “We will refill the beach by dredging the sand from its source on the sea floor, which is around 20 kilometers away from Pattaya Bay, near Koh Rang Kwain Island,” also adding “we chose the sand from this source not only because the quality, color, and size of sand grains here are similar to the sand on Pattaya Beach, but also because there are more than 3 million cubic meters of sand from this site for future usage,” Thanawat told reporters.

Before the sand can be moved onto the beach, a foundation has to be set– large sand bags will be buried in the ground to form a barrier against the tide which will protect the new sand from being washed away from waves attack. Chot Trachu, the National Strategy Committeeon Environmentally Friendly Development adviser praised Thanawat stating that the project he is currently leading is not like any other refilling project and is well studied.