Pattaya police have sort to see more than a dozen complaints per week about the loan sharks in Pattaya.

The police chief Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech, has discuss the policy of opening up a complaint center for reporting loan sharks. This new ‘center’ goes hand in hand with the government’s order — there’s an order as part of an upcoming policy to start wiping out loan sharks and illegal money laundering no just in Pattaya but all across Thailand.

In the past month alone Pattaya police have already arrested 10 loan sharks but most are just minor player not the ‘big shark’ stated the chief of police. These loan sharks have been charged and were seize of any property that have been taken due to the ‘loan’ and illegal money laundering back to the victims.

This issue is not a laughing matter and everyone should report anything if you come across a loan shark said Kroppech, adding that anyone that already went down that whole and suffering from loan sharks or being exploited can file a complaint via calling, email, Facebook or LINE to reach the complaint center.

If anyone is dealing with issue please contact the complaint center with the information below:

Call – 038 420 804-5 or 082 7999 1111

Email – [email protected]

Facebook – PattayaCityPolice

LINE – Pattaya PoliceStation’s LINE ID or scan the QR Code