On late Saturday night at a popular open Thai restaurant and bar in North Pattaya a big-time gangster had a shootout with police– luckily one of the police officer was saved by his iPhone.

On Saturday night at the All New Mouthburi restaurant and bar Sgt. Maj. Powaret Banjongand was off duty was having dinner with his friends when he heard the altercation from the table nearby and stepped in. 49 year old Somchai “Hia Chai” Sae-chua was celebrating his birthday when he got into an argument with the lady the table next to him. In anger with another ‘guy’ chiming into his argument Somchai pulled put his pistol and fired multiple times at officer Powaret who quickly leaped to safety and pulled out his gun to fire as well.

Somchai managed to shoot the officer and hit him in thigh and his upper arm, luckily for Powaret the bullet that hit his thigh went through his iPhone in his pocket and saved him from severe injury. After Powaret fell to the ground he was then recused by his cop friend Lance Cpl. Naretrak Krueawara, 30,  who was there having dinner with him– Naretrak picked up Powaret’s pistol and fired shoots at Somchai injuring him in the right side of his temple, arm, stomach and leg causing him to immediately fall to the ground. After the shootout paramedics quickly rushed to the scene and manage to save his life in time and both Naretuk and Powaret were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Naretuk then went to the Pattaya Police Station and filed a report with Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen– neither of the officers were charged due to the shootout was a attempt on self defense in a hostile situation. Somchai, however has now been charged with attempted murder and firing an unlicensed gun in a public area.