Pattaya police has been told to smarten up, stop hiding and help more.

We may all know that Thai people can be very shy when it comes to communicating with foreigners but it should not happen very often in the city that is one of the biggest tourist hot spot in Thailand. Local police chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch, informed his men to smarten up their dress code, be more polite to locals and tourists and express the importance of this as Pattaya is one of the biggest tourist spots in Thailand, reported Pattaya News.

A lot of issues with police has being going around lately not just with tourist or in Pattaya but the corruption and the dismissed behavior has been circling around in Thailand for a long time. The chief has made it very clear that they should provide better services for the citizens, traffic police should implement the law fairly and not charge extra as they please, officers should clean up after themselves after a search and arrest stations are held and lastly to communicate better with tourist that needs help.

Masks and other item that could be covering their face is a definite “no-no” stated┬áPol Col Apichai Krobpetch– this is to reassure the tourist of any crude behavior from the officers and to better improve the image of cops in Pattaya and in Thailand as a whole. Though this may not be the first tempt on bettering the force and officers, however, the chief also added that this attempt is to improve the police officer’s attitude, behavior and dress code in Pattaya and to have more compassion towards non Thai tourist– Pattaya is one of the most diverse city that you can find in Thailand and is a major tourist destination for people from all over the world.