Major rain is predicted to hit the coast of Thailand affecting both Bangkok and Chonburi.

Over the weekend Pattaya was in a major flooding crisis as rained poured from late Saturday night all the way through Sunday’s afternoon causing major flooding in most area of Pattaya. The storm was just a slight brush of the new tropical Typhoon Trami which is now categorized a category 5 typhoon is due to hit Taiwan later on this week– Typhoon Mangkrut that hit the Philippines last week caused huge damages with more than 100 people killed and more than 50 are still missing as well as causing strong wind and damaging building and facilities across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some area in China.

Thailand is still crossing our fingers as we hope the two super typhoons are passing by– hopefully it will weaken and die out in the West Pacific area. Pattaya on the other hand is still struggling with major flood issues as the whole city is a sunken grounds plus with new developments and buildings popping up everywhere, it doesn’t really help the road situation. Over the weekend on some roads the water was as high 50 centimeters submerging houses, roads, vehicles and more street properties. Though the city may have dried up for now as the rain had time to slowly drift away after a day without heavy rain but residents all around Pattaya area should be prepared for the worst as Pattaya has been completely submerged under water back in 2011 and just completely drowned in water the passing years in the raining season.

There is no official warnings out for the Super Typhoon Trami yet but people from the West Pacific all the way through the South East Asia region should be prepared for the floods and strong wind especially in Pattaya and in the capital Bangkok.