Pattaya property for rent is increasing daily!

Pattaya property for rent is on the increaseIs there a crisis on the horizon? The amount of Pattaya property for rent seems to be increasing all the time. But it appears this increase is not down to demand. It is more down to owners wanting rid of their properties.

Real Estate Agents in Pattaya, all seem have plenty of properties available. Many properties are now rented out at a fraction of their value 2 years ago. Not a good situation for owners to be in right now. However, this is a great situation for those who are looking to set up home in Pattaya.

There has never been a better time to look for a property to live in. A two bedroom detached villa located in East Pattaya, will be available for around 12,000B a month. This is fantastic value when compared to the same size of property in Europe.

Owners cannot sell so they are trying to rent out their property.

There is no hiding the fact that there is far too many properties left empty here in Pattaya. Many expats have fled the country due to restrictions and changes that are ongoing. The strength of the Baht has affected many expats. Those here on a fixed income have suffered the most in recent years. The exchange rate used to be 50+ as an average, whereas now it is very close to 40THB.

Add to this situation, new governing rules on VISA conditions, things are not looking too good for expats living in Pattaya.

Will the amount of Pattaya property for rent change soon. Truthfully, it doesn’t look like it will improve in the near future. Unless there are significant changes ahead it does look tough for home owners. Especially those wanting to sell and move away as prices are at an all time low.

Is this the same situation for Commercial property for rent in Pattaya?

finding a pattaya property for rent is very easyIf you ride around the city center as well as the outskirts, you will see many shop houses available. Commercial units are also available, ranging from small single units, to much bigger industrial size buildings. The tourist demographic has changed dramatically over the last two to three years. There is a much larger Chinese and Indian influx.

The tour operators, particularly those aimed at the Chinese tourist market, are doing very well. Many are reporting an increase in revenue compared to previous years.

What is the future of property for rent in Pattaya?

This is a tough question to answer. The strength of the Thai Baht is the biggest influencing factor right now. There are no early indications that this is likely to change in the near future. If the Baht does weaken and people are able to afford to live here, things will improve.

The Thai government are also looking in detail at foreigners who want to live in Thailand. They are under scrutiny to make sure they are financially able to support themselves. The biggest problem with this, is the amount of money they expect is what you need to live in Thailand. The limit that has been set is far higher then what is really costs to live.

But, if you are thinking about Pattaya property for rent then there are plenty of options available. The quickest and easiest way to locate your perfect property is to use the Property Finder Service. Tell them what you want, sit back and relax and let them do all the hard work for you. Best part is that this service is completely free of charge!