On august 9th chief Pol. Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasap, led his team and the Environment Department to the beach to reinforce littering policy.

Pattaya is once again back at it with littering policy at the beach after  reports shows that the amount has increased higher than last year. This is a plan to have a clean beach but more on a ‘smoke free’ beach where there will be designated smoking areas for smokers around Pattaya beach areas all the way down to Dongtan beach. Pattaya police officials have already began to warn tourist that smoke by the beach about the new policy– though it has not been officially reinforced as an official law yet.

Police went down to the beach to look at the location and the littering situation; as seen the main thing that can be found among the sandy beach are cigarettes butts. Though it is a public manner to not smoke at the beach or any public places in general- especially in a sun bed areas, beach chair vendors said that most of the tourist and visitors do comply to not smoking,however some still do as they please. There are multiple spots between the pavement down to the beach that are ‘smoking zone’– these are sitting chairs that the vendors put to the corner for visitors that don’t comply to come sit and smoke so the smoke wouldn’t bother others, however it did not solve the problem of the cigarettes butts being thrown to the floor.

The chief also stated that it is a false claims that you could be fined up to 100,000 baht for smoking by the beach as the speedboat operator told the story from hearing tour guides threatening tourists. The logically fine is only up to 2,000 baht for violating the city’s cleanliness law but for first time offenders there will only be a written ticket as a warning.