Pattaya City, of course, is growing in a fast paste with the number of tourists flooding in over taking this city. Adding to that are the crazy amount of developments popping up everywhere whether it’ll be new hotels, new malls and even a new beach expansion. This just shows that Pattaya is getting serious and is willing to put in hundreds of millions of baht into making this well known sin city as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and maybe perhaps the whole of South East Asia.

However, current flooding issues that can easily occur with just light rain is still a big problem, not just for certain areas but the whole of Pattaya City is facing this problem. Especially local residents that make their living by the typical day-to-day food stalls or souvenir carts. Even though the city officials had made major effect into fixing the roads, building a tunnel or just sectioning the road to be safer, this still doesn’t solve the problem that the residents, expats and tourists are facing.

The Pattaya City officials had ordered sanitation workers from the 16th of October to clean out clogged drains and sewer pipes as part of solving this issue. The sewer pipes and drains have been cleaned from the entire railway route all the way down to Jomtien Beach, Pratamnak Soi 6, the intersection of Second Road and Soi Diana.

New drainage are currently being dug and restored on Naklua Road as the area seems to get flooded the easiest and the most with this ongoing problems. Clarifiers and damaged sewer lines were also fixed with new drainage lids are also being installed to keep the sewer water and the new rain water colliding. Hopefully this pipe cleanse will be done by the end of the month and of course, throughout the whole of Pattaya city.


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