The taxi situation in Pattaya is getting more serious everyday as polices have reported that there has been another incident where a gang of Pattaya taxi drivers surrounded and threaten a Bangkok taxi driver.

At around yesterday afternoon local traffic police was called in at Pratumnak Hill area on a case of taxi drivers having an altercation with gun threats being involved. Thipcharoen Phochanote, the 40 year old Bangkok taxi driver explained that he was dropping off a passenger that he had picked up from Bangkok to Pattaya and as he was driving along the Pratumnak Hill area he saw a woman waving down the taxi so he stopped, however before she could even get into the cab, the driver was approached by another Pattaya taxi driver who stopped the woman from getting into the taxi.

This led to the start of the altercation where the Pattaya driver clearly told the Bangkok driver that he can not pick passengers in this area as it is not ‘his turf’. Confused and didn’t find much sense to it Thipcharoen ignored him and explained that he was just driving by and saw a passenger waving him down, soon after that a group of taxi drivers approached and surround him. Seeing that the situation is getting quite out of hand and scary Thipcharoen threaten the Pattaya drivers by saying that he has a gun in his car and is willing to use it. After this ordeal the local traffic police was called in to investigate further on the situation, however, police did not find a gun in his car– the Bangkok driver was released back to the capital after a report was taken and was not charged a baht.