The recent storm caused quite a huge ruckus for the on going beach repair & development project.

According to Akaraj Kantharo, the Director of Marine Office 6 said that the remaining 1.5 kilometers of restoration will be finished by the end of this year before the high season starts in this tourist city– regardless of the condition of the weather the 1.5 kilometer of the beach will be restored in Pattaya Tai area.

The project began taking action in early April this year and is still an on going project to expand the shoreline of Pattaya City. Around 340,000 cubic feet of sand was transported from Koh Rang Wiang Island to expand and create a 35 meter wide beach and also a 15 meter tall wall to protect the coastline of the Pattaya bay. If the project is due to finish as planned The Marine Office 6 Director reckons that it will only boost the tourism aspect of the city even more, however if it does no go as plan and the city is hit by horrible floods then the tourism aspect of the city may be affected.

The beach expansion and restoration is all the way from the north Pattaya area down to Dong Tarn beach area — as of now there is less than 2 kilometers of restoration to go. So far the areas that have been restored are not yet open to the public due to the project as a whole is still an on going development and the Pattaya City Officials along with the Directors of the project are still not quite sure when it will be finished by– though the 1.3 kilometer stretch of the beach has been successfully restored there is still quite a lot to do.