The police raided  the JT Pub & Karaoke  in South Pattaya and found that there were more than 70 children under the age of 20 partying inside, 33 were female and 37 male. They were also tested for drugs and 36 of the party goers were positive for drug substance, adding to that the police also found white powder substance in a little plastic bag on multiple people, possibly cocaine. There were also bags that were dropped and the ground but no one would come forward to admit the crime.

Police later then took Preawprow McClullot, 24, in custody after admitting that she was the club’s manager on charges including opening service beyond legal time, liquor distribution beyond legal time limits, neglect to care for underage pupil under the law to access the service, liquor provided to children under the age limit, neglect to search for drugs/allowing drugs. Police also took staff members in for questioning to gather further information.

The case for the club however is 5 years minimum sentence on opening the club on charges for letting underage children in the service with illegal substance.

Another club was also raided on Jomtien beach and police officers found 13 kids under the age of 20 partying inside. This club will also face the same charges as JT with the same 5 years minimum sentence on the club servicing.