Since it is the rainy season and the recent storms that has been hitting our neighboring country there’s no doubt that Thailand would be left out, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya and the recent rain has proven to be a major chaos in this beautiful tourist city.

The recent rain has caused huge damages to the new beach project that is going on along the shore of Jomtien beach which is costing hundreds of millions of baht to build. Pattaya officials said the restoration is only at Soi 4 which is not even half to their goal –to reach Soi 9. One of the big issues that Pattaya officials have to discuss in terms of bettering the city as whole is to fix the flooding issue which is one of Pattaya’s major problem, especially during this season and time. Pattaya citizens have experience major chaos from floods in the previous years– house were flooded, cars were under water, roads were damaged, this cost Pattaya millions to restore and fix.

Because there are so many buildings and new one that are currently being built the city may be experiencing more of the flooding because of the sinking ground. Pattaya is already considered to be ground dented in terms of the landscape– there are mountains surrounding the sunken ground and the main place where it is ‘sunken’ is the Sukhumvit road area as well as the three major Pattaya areas which are Pattaya Nua, Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai.

However, Pattaya not only has the three main areas and the Sukhumvit area but also the beach area as well to sort out. The hundreds of millions of baht that is going to the restoration is going to help but just washed away with the flood and rain if the city officials don’t do something about it soon– water breakages will definitely destroy the new sea shore.