Another arrest has been made against a 19 year old girl in Roi Et that led to a prostitution arrest in Pattaya.

Police in Roi Et are running a sting operation on human trafficking and underage prostitution and have arrested a 19 year old girl who allegedly claimed to be 15 year old to provide sexual service for a drug network. Concerns are raised as police have reported that the age of the suspects seems to be getting younger by each arrest for both prostitution and human trafficking. In early June this year, a 17 year old girl was arrested for providing sexual services to Indian tourists in Pattaya, Chonburi– mimicking her age down to 14 year old as part of the service. Though she claimed that she was lured by a guy that offered herĀ  a free trip to Pattaya with an additional 4,000 baht via Facebook, police however did not believe her story due to her lying about her age and was not showing any sign of awareness of the seriousness for the situation.

Pol Lt Col Detchat Munnami, deputy chief of investigation for Provincial Police Region 4, led the operation that took place in Roi Et on early Thursday morning. This major crack down on the drug network and underage prostitution led police to another arrest in Chaiyaphum where a lady had opened up a karaoke bar as a front for a brothel where police found two 16 year old girls as their workers.

The 19 year old girl who was ‘working’ in the middle of the investigation was immediately arrested after she received the two thousand baht pay from the two undercover agent statedĀ Pol Lt Col Detcha. The teen suspect admitted to be working in the drug network and lowering her age down to 15 year old in return for money and speed pills. However, police did also stated that most of these girls were victimized by their parents and/or their living situation revealing that one of the victims who is 15 years old decided to get caught up in this because her father was arrested on drug charges and was trying to support her mother– she also claimed that most of her customers are her father’s friends.