unnamedPattaya, Thailand – Award-winning Royal Cliff Hotels Group was recently the chosen venue

for the TISCO Wealth Enhancement Program (WEP 5).

For the first time, TISCO WEP members gathered at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group for this

exciting 2-day event which was aimed to continue to grow and develop the relationship of

members of each WEP generation.

On the first day, under the theme ‘Under the Deep Blue Sea’ WEP5 members participated

in fun activities at the Orchid Ballroom of the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel where they greatly

enjoyed the impressive services and facilities provided by the hotel. On the second day,

members from WEP 1-4 also joined the special dinner held at the Head of State Chamber

where they enjoyed exceptional cuisine. Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul, the Executive Director of

the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and a member of WEP 4, gave a warm welcome to all the

generations of WEP.