A lot has been happening here in Pattaya over the last 18 months. The authorities have been busy cleaning up the city, enforcing new laws and generally trying to make Pattaya a cleaner, better and more family friendly place. The question is, does this match up with the demographic of the people who visit Pattaya, they come from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Where do you spend your money in Pattaya?

Where do you spend your money in Pattaya?Is a hotel your number one priority? Many travelers are happy with a  mid-range hotel/apartment, one they can live in without fuss and without too much fancy stuff around them. They may not see themselves staying in their rooms for more than showering and sleeping. Pattaya has some fantastic mid range hotels available and at prices you just cannot turn down. There are some who want to reside in a bit more luxurious surroundings, they want to enjoy their stay and live it up. For some the high standard of hotels are something they are accustomed too and do not wish to change, perhaps they are here on business. There is also the other end of the scale, there are literally thousands of rooms available for less than 700 Baht a night that suit travelers who are here to enjoy their stay, and are not fussed too much about the room they stay in. Having said that, just because a room is cheaper than many, it doesn’t mean it will not be of a good standard. Pattaya has many low budget rooms/apartments that are equal to, if not better than some mid range establishments.

Where do you spend your money in Pattaya? Hotel, bar, restaurant,agogo barWhere do you spend your money in Pattaya? Do you come here for wine and dine, eating out experiences. One of the incredible aspects of Pattaya is the choice of food available to those who live or visit this wonderful city. You can enjoy a 40 baht Thai dish of minced pork and basil leaves with rice, sat along the street sidewalks, watching the world go past. Likewise, you can visit some very high end restaurants that match the 5* standards you can expect in cities such as London, New York for example. These come at a premium cost, but the standard of cuisine is certainly worth every single Baht. There are your convenience food outlets, quick snack food outlets greet you around every corner here in Pattaya. If you love a burger and chips or a quick foot long, well Pattaya has plenty of these to choose from. Many “European” style restaurants offer “Daily Specials”, perfect for those on a budget that want to enjoy good food.

Where do you spend your money in Pattaya? Hotel, bar, restaurant,agogo barWhere do you spend your money in Pattaya? Is the entertainment your drive and passion. This word is something that is not hard to imagine when you say Pattaya. Yes we all know it has the “badge” associated to it and for so many visitors, this is the main reason they come to Pattaya. There are more bars here than most cities have, as well as a wide and varied choice of style. The Agogo bar scene is heavily present, all ready to entertain you and help you enjoy the night. there are many “normal” bars, when we say normal, we mean a bar to have a beer, chat with your friends and family without being pestered by the girls working. There are the “cheap Charlie” bars as they are know as. Bars that entice customers with 45 Baht Leo’s, and there are plenty of customers all looking for a cheap night out. Of course there are other much more expensive bars to visit. Rooftop bars, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and trendy bars where it is cool to hang out are dotted around the city.

So, Where do you spend your money in Pattaya? Hotels, restaurants, bars, girls, what is your priority when you visit Pattaya?