The Vegetarian Festival is kicking off on the 8th of October this year in Pattaya.

The vegetarian festival also known in Thai as ‘Gin Jay’ is going to start on the 8th of October in Naklua this year turning things up from last year’s quiet event.

Though last year’s festival was cut short on the excitement aspect due to authorities and organizers cutting off the entertainment during the end of the mourning ritual. This year the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation are hosting the event and are turning things up by inviting the Chinese god, goddess and deity to the festival on starting day. This year festival will be a 10 day period unlike many other that last up to at least two weeks.

The festival will start off with a parade at 14.30 pm from Naklua making it’s way through Pattaya on Sukhumvit road passing the Old Market, Lan Po Park down to Pattaya beach. This year’s ceremony is hosted to honor Kiew Hong Huk Jow who is known ass the Nine Emperor Gods and Bodhisattva. It doesn’t just end there– on the following day at around 7.00 am more Emperor Gods will be called to join the festival, this will include chants by the Keng Ju Team ending with a meditation walk with incense in the evening. On the 11th of October the “Kee Yig Vegetarian Day” will begin along with a respect ceremony followed by chants and prayer in the evening. On the 16th is the day of the ceremony to mourn and pay respects to the dead that have no relatives who care for their graves, along with chants and burning paper items such as clothes, electronics, food, money etc.

The closing day will be on the 18th of October with a parade that will start at around 6.00 am in the morning from the same spot where they had started the ceremony calling all the Emperor Gods back to their sanctuary.